"clarity  and  practicality"

The General Practice at clareworks addresses a host of business problems and opportunities both strategically and tactically taking a systems analysis approach. I can be involved for the entire project life cycle or come in to support individual steps as needed. The various components in this practice are:

Goal and Problem Definition
Establishes the business objective and identifies timing and resource or other constraints.

Business Requirements Analysis
Defines the business need in detailed terms following requirements analysis methodologies in concert with client users.

Option Brainstorming
Develops reasonable solution options in work sessions with the client.

Appropriate Technology Scan
Examines the breadth of technologies available to address the solution approach.

Solution Devil's Advocacy
Challenges the proposed solution before going into the next phases.

Application Architecture
Develops an application oriented architecture in the context of a given industry's best practices and software IP.

Project Plan Development
Builds a project plan with defined steps, dates, responsibilities, and expected costs and results.

Project Execution
Coordinates project progress including taking a project lead where required.

Results Measurement
Tracks results against the original business and project goals.