"clarity  and  practicality"

The Venture Practice at clareworks addresses, like the vendor practice, the vendor technology marketplace for a given industry and builds off knowledge of the distribution system to highlight the technology landscape for the purpose, in this case, of potential acquisitions. The various components (many similar to the vendor practice) in this practice are:

Vendor and Workflow Contexts
Maps the vendors and their detailed products serving each step in a given industry workflow.

Individual Vendor Competitive Analysis
Decomposes a specific vendor based on technology, market momentum, scale, financial strength, and message.

Portfolio Fit and Leverage Analysis
Develops a portfolio strategy to identify scale opportunities for subsequent investments.

Acquisition Target Screening and Engagement
Identifies targets for acquisition and leverages clareworks' contacts to engage them in discussions. 

Acquisition Target Diligence and Closing Support
Provides support for the technical and business diligence and closing phases of an acquisition.

Target Escort to Success
Stays with an acquisition to support it and network it across an industry to accelerate traction.