"clarity  and  practicality"

While there is great flexibility at clareworks and projects are selected across the technology spectrum, both strategic and tactical, there are five major areas of concentration or practices that cross multiple industries. Each of these industries (insurance, financial services, and healthcare) have their own software architectures, workflows, semantic models, and meta data. The major practices are:

Distribution Practice
This consulting practice area describes the entire distribution channel for an industry and is a major source of knowledge that not only is available to direct clients but also to support the vendor and venture practices. It outlines all the moving parts in an industry sector including detailed workflow analysis around each of the major participants. An example of this is the broker based distribution channel in Property and Casualty insurance. 

Vendor Practice
The vendor practice takes the knowledge of the key vendor players in the distribution channel of each industry and overlays the relative market movement of each. This service is provided to vendors looking for either competitive differentiation or acquisitions. An example of this is a current examination of potential policy administration vendor targets for acquisition by a policy vendor with an aggregation strategy. 

Venture Practice
Like the vendor practice, the venture practice takes the knowledge of the key vendor players in the distribution channel of each industry and overlays the relative market movement of each with the goal of identifying investment targets. Private equity companies, in particular, ask for help in filtering out technology companies with breakout potential or scale based on their portfolio objectives.

Messaging Practice
Often the best way to discover where innovation is occurring in a distribution channel is by following the development in the messaging network itself which is the focus of this practice. This analysis points out not just where technologies like EDI have moved to Web Services but where these technology changes give birth to new kinds of business entities, like an exchange, in the system.

General Practice
This is general technology consulting with a particular focus on major trends or significant changes and their impact across both the practices and the industries. An excellent example of this would be work underway at clareworks on the influence of social networks on business.