"clarity  and  practicality"

The Distribution Practice at clareworks addresses the keys aspects of the distribution system of 3 industries (insurance, financial services, and healthcare). This practice is a keystone for all of the other practices and develops the awareness of the major business and technology related developments in a distribution system so vital for their participants. The various components in this practice are:

Industry Macro View and Analysis
Maps out all the generic player types in the distribution channel and what functions they perform.

Industry Distribution Sequenced Workflow Diagrams
Describes the key transactional steps of a distribution workflow in animated diagrams using BPMN compliant terminology.

Industry Distribution Workflow Cost Analysis
Measures the major costs by workflow step in the channel.

Industry Software Service Identification
Identifies the different software IP being applied to the industry workflow steps. 

Industry Messaging and Transaction Overlay
Overlays messaging and transaction methodology maps between all workflow steps.

Industry Distribution Opportunity Identification
Highlights innovations and opportunities along an industry's workflow junction points.