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The Insurance Industry Distribution Focus at clareworks primarily utilizes the Distribution Practice methodologies and addresses the keys aspects of the distribution system of the insurance industry including Property and Casualty (Personal, Commercial, Large Commercial, Specialty), Life and Health, and Benefits. A strong requirement of this focus on insurance and also on the other 2 vertical industries is an up to date awareness of new innovations in technology applied to key transactional workflows in addition to a Macro View of the major technology leaders in this space. This forms the basis to analyze costs and identify opportunities for efficiency in distribution as well as expansion of revenues. The following sub-menus illustrate both Macro View and Workflow diagrams. Since they are the first of many to be added, there is a numbering system that can be referenced below. The business process flows will soon be available for download by these reference numbers.

Industry Macro View and Analysis
Maps out all the generic player types in the distribution channel and what functions they perform. Please go to:

I-MV-01 Property and Casualty Distribution

I-MV-02 Life Distribution

Industry Distribution Sequenced Workflow Diagrams
Describes the key transactional steps of a distribution workflow in animated diagrams using BPMN compliant terminology. Please go to:

I-WF-01 BOP Policy Submission

I-WF-02 PL Consumer Portal Referral to Agent

I-WF-03 Large CL Policy Submission

I-WF-04 PL Consumer Portal Submission

I-WF-05 Work Comp Wholesale Submission

I-WF-06 Specialty MGA Submission

I-WF-20 Life APP Submission Via Wholesaler

Industry Distribution Workflow Cost Analysis
Measures the major costs by each insurance transaction workflow step.

Industry Software Service Identification
Identifies the different software IP from the insurance Macro View being applied to the line of business transaction steps. 

Industry Messaging and Transaction Overlay
Overlays ACORD messaging and transaction methodology maps between all workflow steps using BPMN nomenclature that will be available in PDF format from clareworks.

Industry Distribution Opportunity Identification
Highlights innovations and opportunities along the insurance workflow junction points drawing from the Macro View and Workflow analyses.