Clareworks is the company that provides the consulting services of David Wroe. Clareworks provides technology strategic and tactical consulting for business opportunities (building things that work) and for solving complex problems (making things work better) primarily on the distribution side of several important industries. These include insurance, financial services, and healthcare. The focus is generally on the application software components that serve the workflow of these industries and their interconnectivity. Potential clients can range from end users across the distribution channel, to vendors serving them, and to private equity funds or technology companies investing in these markets.

Much of the work of clareworks will be to help firms build and grow. To accomplish this I have familiarity with all of the various kinds of software technologies and applications that have high distribution impact. This knowledge has often allowed me to spot new trends and solutions and bring them in front of business constituents in a clear and practical way.

Another part of my activity over the years is to bring people together in consortia or partnerships to accomplish in many cases a common industry goal. A key ingredient to doing this is to have a reputation for openness and trustworthiness and a dedication to the good of the industry as a whole. This will continue to be a "sine qua non" constant element in clareworks' activities.

And finally clareworks is about providing business value but also having fun along the way. Located on beautiful Cape Cod, clareworks looks forward to not only serving your business but hosting you in this place of natural beauty. You are welcome not only to this HOME page but our home.